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Mazes Added to the Freebies Section

I have added two mazes called “Help Kiral Find the Moon” to the freebies section!  There are two versions (easy and hard) to choose from.

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More Wonderful Reviews

Wow, even more  wonderful reviews from  I am so thankful you all are saying positive things about Gift of the Moon!

“I read this book to my daughter before bed. She loved it!! She asks every night if we can read about Kiral and the moon!! Great Book!!”
“I enjoyed reading the book and I’m sure kids will too. I love how each animal character comes in and adds more story to Kiral’s search for the moon. I thought the ending was beautiful. It is very delightful to read, and the Illustrations work very well with the story. Great book! I highly recommend it!”
“Gift of the Moon is an absolutely delightful book. I smiled all the way through it. Children will love the illustrations of the animals and will wonder what happens next with Kiral as he journeys through his African village in search of the moon – and, unbeknownst to him, so much more. Gwen Tanner is a great writer and storyteller; hopefully there are more works on the horizon from this author.”
“Wonderful story with a twist of adventure. While searching for the moon that “scared” his mommy, Kiral comes into contact with his friends that teaches him something new about the moon. Refreshing story for kids of all ages. It left me, an adult, wanting more. Love the open ending. Room for more? Good work Gwen. You did well. So proud of you.”
“This book was amazing! I didn’t want to put it down. I was drawn into the journey of the main character and was pleasantly surprised by the conclusion. I loved how it seemed to lead to another potential story. I do hope the author brings that story to fruition some day.”

Thank you again for all of your nice comments!

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Gift of the Moon is Getting Great Reviews!

Thanks to all of you who have provided feedback for Gift of the Moon on Amazon.  I really do appreciate all of your wonderful comments!

“This is a well written short story that children will enjoy. It is full of adventure and fun. The illustrations are very colorful and accompany the story very well. The author is very talented. It was a lovely book. I HIGHLY recommend it!”
“The gift of childhood is the gift of experiencing new adventures for the first time. The wonderment, the innocence and the delight of discovery are captured in Gwen Tanner’s story of Kiral and his search for the moon. The vibrant illustrations and delightful story add to the magic of Kiral’s journey where we are not only introduced to his animal friends, but join in on his search for the moon and what happens when this little boy finds it. After reading this book your child will have the Gift Of The Moon and you will have the twinkle of delight in their eyes.”
“This is story is the beautiful magic trip of Kiral. First adventure of a little kid in Africa. Story & illustrations walk together under the moon light…”

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Gift of the Moon

by Gwen Tanner
Illustrated by Alba Escayo © 2013 All rights reserved.